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Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies

We believe blockchain and distributed ledger technologies will revolutionize business processes making them more automated, secure and transparent. 

We are building the world’s leading international distributed ledger and blockchain technology solutions firm, with the backing of investors and advisors from the world’s leading financial institutions.

Xenhab Trade FZCO has is already engaged with leading startups, established businesses, and governments to create and evolve solutions, directly or in partnership with companies that provide immediate access to a market for early proof of concept and the resources to scale rapidly. 

We are currently working on ground breaking blockchain projects in the mobile messaging, real estate, retail, and fintech industry.

The key benefits of Distributed Ledger Technology which our Xenhab Portal provides is as follows;


DLT provides all members of a given network with a single, holistic view that is not controlled or managed by any single given entity. This disintermediates the ‘middle-man’ and creates a level playing field upon which all economic participants are afforded the opportunity to transact on an equal footing.


Distributed ledgers achieve immutability because all updates are iterative, i.e. they are appended to the ledger, as opposed to replacing previous states. In addition to this, iterations cannot be made unless the network defined consensus mechanism is satisfied. 

This provides an inherent level of security that prevents past transactions being updated without the consensus of the network and means that a complete history of all transactions is retained, thus providing greater transparency for reporting; regulatory or otherwise.

Our management team and investors have senior executive experience working with governments, financial regulators, central banks, and other financial institutions on equity and debt capital markets projects, M&A, exchange regulation, payments infrastructure, cash centre management, and note demand.

Xenhab Trade FZCO have leveraged off of this experience and built a Portal that is based on robust distributed ledger technology which provides the ultimate security for its retail and institutional investors.

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