How You're Protected


Robust Procedures and Protocols

Some of the small (and not so small portals) have actively flouted regulation in order to grow their businesses. 

The Portals have often been established by technology professionals without a background in financial services. 

Consequently they have not been built with the rigour that you would expect from a company like Xenhab Trade FZCO that is managed and run by individuals who have signficant financial service experience.

Security has always been an issue with internet based Portals and the list of hacks and losses is substantial.

Institutional clients have an expectation of customer service and response times that are lacking in an industry that has gone ‘digital first’ in its approach to dealing with customer complaints.

Many technology Portals do not even publish adequate contact details like a phone numbers and users are pushed through e-mail ticketing systems to get issues addressed, frequently users find themselves waiting indefinitely for a response and when they do get one they are usually disappointed.

Our portal is a centralised portal which can be white labeled swiftly and securely by our clients. 

We have built our platform with security in mind from inception to out perform the market in terms of speed of settlement and customer support.